Our Story

Our Brand Story

Our involvement with diamonds is deeply ingrained stretching over several decades from when we first established our roots in Trading, Cutting, and Polishing rough diamonds. We developed our offering to encompass Production and Distribution of diamond jewellery where over 3 generations have been involved with its success. This has led us to today where the knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship that come with all those years help us pledge an esteemed level of service, value, and quality.
It is with this very pledge that Mireya and Chiffon were established. Mireya focused to cater 100% natural diamond jewellery to retailers across Europe, assuring every piece goes through a sustainable sourcing setup. Chiffon was created to manufacture premium quality jewellery for a B2B platform.
We proudly opened the gates to our first jewellery manufacturing operation in Mumbai, India. Our vision back then of providing excellent quality at exceptional value, holds true to this day.
The first of our Diamond & Jewellery distribution offices, IDD USA LLC, was established in New York. With 3 generations of the family within the trade, we now boast of a global presence sprawling across India, USA, UK, Belgium and UAE.
Mireya was imagined and brought to life with the idea of capitalizing and coalescing on the expertise of our families’ consolidated business, focusing on value. Our head office is situated in London to address any service or product enquiries. With the purpose of catering to the needs of jewellers across the UK and other parts of Europe, the advantage we created is the sheer agility with which we react to consumer demands, accommodating all of their needs. We work with a sustainably accredited diamond sourcing partner. We have chosen to work with them due to their rich and exclusive selection of diamonds available as a result of being select diamantaires of a number of world renowned mines.
The Chiffon B2B brand came to life in 2015 leveraging sister Mireya’s quality, value and service to deliver truly breathtaking pieces. We have prioritised investment into research and development practices which have enabled us to produce 90% of our jewellery lines within the CNC process. CNC production ensures the highest quality available and the utmost longevity for every piece. This furthered our bold claim of manufacturing robust pieces which can be passed down generations to come.
Looking into the future, we will continue to be synonymous with delivering precise quality and value to businesses across the United Kingdom, Ireland and throughout Europe. We launched Chiffon Traceable Diamonds in 2020 with the ability to offer diamonds from 0.40pts and upwards the option to trace back the origin of the diamond. We are proud to share we are working towards achieving traceability across all our diamonds.

Sustainable Sourcing

For over a decade we have been building our distribution business and have always appreciated the value with delivering transparency to our customers. A key part of our business is the ability to offer ethical credentials for all our jewellery. We achieve this through proudly working with our RJC accredited diamond business partner and jewellery manufacturing partner who source and produce our pieces. By holding a direct link at each level of the process, we supply with utmost confidence, knowing our diamonds are sustainably sourced.