Rough Diamond

1. Sourcing Rough Diamonds

Crafting exquisite jewellery begins with the raw materials. Mireya’s loose diamonds division is privileged to be able to ethically source rough diamonds directly from the mines.

Rough Diamond

2. Manufacturing the Diamonds Ourselves

We have been manufacturing diamonds for the last three generations. Our factory is equipped with the latest diamond planning, cutting and polishing technology, meaning that every diamond is cut and polished in a specific parameter to achieve the best sparkle out of that rough diamond.


3. Jewellery Creation

Our merchandisers and designers travel the world to find and create the latest trends. Whilst aspects of our jewellery are handcrafted we employ the use of CNC machinery, which offers precision and a high quality finish. As market leaders in the industry for ring manufacturing, we’ve got a reputation for producing incredible pieces of jewellery.


3. Direct to Retail Partners

After sourcing rough from the mine and manufacturing them in our factory, loose diamonds are sold to our retail partners, eliminating any middle men enabling us to offer competitive pricing.


4. Selling to Retail Partners

To provide value and consistency to our retailers, we like to go above and beyond. We offer local service with factory prices and product marketing support to ensure the product is successful.

Ring in a Box

5. Our Chiffon Jewels

After the diamond's journey from India, being buffed and polished into the perfect end product, we can’t wait to get it to you! Combined with our excellent after sale service, we know our product will give you a lifetime of happiness!